Services and Work Stories

Services and Work Stories
List of services we provide.

Tree Pruning, Northbridge

A couple of trees are blocking the view of the homeowner, therefore we went out there and helped them by thinning the canopies and trimming down in accordance with AS 4373-2007 (Pruning of amenity trees).

Palm Tree Cleaning, Hunter Hills

We are conducting some regular maintenance on this Canary Island Date Palm by removing the fruit pods and trimming dead or dying fronds. If not looked after properly, this Palm will look messy; its fruits will attract bats; and falling fronds become hazardous to people.

After the maintenance, it becomes a valuable asset to the property by adding some tropical look.

Tree removal, Gladesville

Tree removal, Dural

To facilitate future development, we removed some trees for site preparation.

Tree removal with tight access, Eastwood

Our client has a tall tree with narrow access and limited drop zone, our team carried out the formative pruning and thinning safely and efficiently.

Emergency storm-damaged tree removal, Whalan

Soon after storm hit Western Sydney, we were called out to remove the damaged tree, as the limbs were left hanging in perilous situation. These trees, if not removed immediately, may cause serious harm to people and property.

Tree Planting, West Pennant Hills

To add beauty to the garden, we plant this Magnolia tree for our client; this may also provides a cooling shade and increase the value of the property in the long term.

Stump grinding, Oatley

To turf the backyard soon, we removed this unsightly stump for our customer. The hole was backfilled with the mulch and chips from the grinding operation. The rest of the chips can also be used for decoration or mulch for the garden.